Audiovisual Design

Audiovisual Design VIDEO

As an Audiovisual Designer you are creating video content for the gallery. That could vary from short videos for social media to longer videos where you interview artists or capture behind-the-scenes footage. You will be in charge of the whole production from writing the script to finalizing the montage.

These could be your following tasks:
– scriptwriting and drawing storyboards
– preparing and shooting interviews
– shooting b-roll footage
– sound production
– video editing
– text animation
– coming up with creative ideas
It is really important that you can express your creativity but still maintain the main look and feel of the gallery. You work with your own equipment (laptop with editing software, video camera, tripod, microphone..).

We expect that you:
– have a background in cinema production or audiovisual communication
– have interest in film culture and online video communication
– proficient in editing software such as Adobe Premiere, After Effects or similar (knowledge of InDesign and WordPress can be an advantage as you work closely with the multimedia designers).
– good English language skills
– are a teamplayer, but also able to work independently

If  the role above is perfect for you, then submit your application to be part of our  team!

Please note, all available positions will be announced here, we cannot accept applications for time periods other than those mentioned.

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