Miniprint 2014

Miniprint Berlin 2014

Galleri Heike Arndt DK Berlin is proud to announce our first edition of ‘Mini Prints Berlin 2014’; a group show containing graphic works of 28 artists with roots in different parts of the world. Together they present a broad range of different graphic techniques and styles, covering traditional techniques such as woodcut, etching and mezzotint, but also exploring modern methods enabled by the digital development. With global influences, the show guarantees an intriguing experience depicting stories on both an individual and a common level and each artist will be presented with several works. Come by and discover the graphic storytelling of ‘Mini Prints Berlin 2014!’

Jette Bækgaard

The artist, Jette Bæksgaard, use different graphic technics to capture a strong and intuitive expression. The series, “Wanderlust”, is created with photogravure and manage to combine the realism of photographs with the more soft and poetic qualities of graphics. Exactly this technic is able to visualize the inherent contrasts in the wanderlust.


Marianne Tümmler

The artist, Marianne Tümmler, produce aquatint prints colorized with watercolour. The result is a naivistic pictorial universe that spouts so much with cheerfulness, humour and playfulness that your smile definitely will spread from earlobe to earlobe. The works shown at the Mini Prints-exhibition are unika.


Lars Waldemar

Lars Waldemar’s graphic art pieces fit beautifully in his activity as chalk sculptor. Starting from an admiration of the creations of nature he dive into the swarm of organic life that is both visible and invisible to our eyes. By making twists and so-called ‘intentional crookedness’ his art activates the fantasy and the patterns come to life.


Katrin Salentin

With her digital collages Katrin Salentin manage to create a disturbing pictorial universe. Detached limbs have lost their original function but regained a new one in combination of with indefinable forms and fragmentations. The result is odd and eye-catching.


Pia Möller-Light

The black/white coloured graphics of Pia Möller-Light has a simple and intense expression. The motifs of her works draw clear parallels to the classic political idiom and therefore contain both seriousness and a strong belief in the picture’s ability to activate a deeper mode of understanding.


Birgitte Munk

Inspired by the questions of time, movement and attention Birgitte Munk’s exhibited pieces at “Mini Prints” seems to orbit themes like transitoriness. The motifs show her working studio in a gloomy and dark manner.


Lene Bennike

Through different graphical technics Lene Bennike capture elements from everyday life. The three doll graphics exhibited at “Mini Prints” are made by photogravure chine collé and are both familiar and strange at the same time. The technic enables a tactile expression and gives the dolls a physical presence.


Søren Bjælde

Søren Bjælde gets inspired by experiences in everyday life and his own memories, comic strips, illustrations in medieval handwriting, church art and art from other cultures. He mainly works with woodcut but does also engage in the areas of drawing, painting, ceramics and book illustrations.


Jeff Ibbo

Jeff Ibo uses various media in his art; among them are graphic, drawings, watercolour, oil paintings and ceramic sculptures. Artistically he is especially interested in the naked human being, where he interprets and uses a human model as an abstract landscape. Simplicity is one of the characteristics in Ibbo’s artworks together with his specific use of colours and lines.


Stephan Groß

In Stephan Groß’ graphic works he experiment with typography. By weaving the letters together he creates surprising patterns. Besides being a graphic artist, Groß also makes installations and both humorous and macabre montages.

Canuto Kallan

Canuto Kallan experiments with colour and applies them to the canvas in such a feverishly manner that the result is intense and that goes far beyond the canvas’ surface. Besides making screen print graphics, Kallan also makes painting, drawing and photos.


Maria Persson

Maria Persson is both a Swedish illustrator and graphic artist who is inspired by street art. Fairy tales are told with a very contemporary expression: Ornaments carried by flying houses and kind looking animals send you right back to your childhood and will definitely put a smile upon your face to carry the rest of your day’s journey.

She has illustrated the Swedish children book “Var skal Myrre bo?”.


Lone Villaume

Old ladies rattling away while their dogs look puzzled and blank. – Lone Villaume’s naivistic works certainly do depict humdrum situations. But through etching and a complete aesthetic expression, humour and surprises she manages to capture the magic of the banal and often neglected.


Svend Bruun 

Svend Bruun’s graphic works are made by the technic of photogravure. Containing mythological symbols and dreamlike conceptions the idiom of his art pieces are both dark and wondrous. Besides being a graphic artist Svend Bruun also makes colourful paintings.


Jette Asdis Ewerlöf

By travelling around the Northern countries and islands, Jette Asdis Ewerlöf finds the subjects for her graphic works. Using both the technic of photogravure and etching she manages to present great landscapes in a very evocative and even intimate manner. Besides doing graphic artwork Jette also paints.


Cleo Wilkinson

Cleo Wilkinson’s small mezzotint prints invite the viewer to come close and experience the intimate and immense universe on their own. The use of technic adds a certain mystery to the subjects – the images are carefully nursed out of the dark shadows and into the light. As she says: “I am an explorer of twilight zones and ambiguous spaces.”


Søren Erik Hansen

The graphic works of Søren Erik Hansen are made by photogravure and contain some sort of doubleness: Superficially they appear like hilarious paraphrases about the complexity of life. But by taking a further look at the absurd combination of figures one will notice how their exact positioning and doings create thought-provoking statements and opinions.


Edwin García 

Edwin García’s uses the technic of collagraphy and dry point to create a fragile and delicate expression. Birds act as metaphors of the human spirit and soul (the fly, rest, are alive or dead) and a woman’s deformed body becomes the image of the eroticism and creation of life.



By using the technic of collage Tao’s digital prints depict hybrids: Beautiful women interlaced with animals, old honorable men with octopus features and wondrous dreamscapes. The results are grotesque, surreal and delicate. Furthermore, Tao paints and combine several medias (collage, drawing and painting) in a curious manner.


Mogens Kischinovsky 

Mogens Kischinovsky’s uses the graphical technic of collography to create images that both make the viewer smile and think. His preferred motif is people and with a stroke of humor he adds a dimension to the work that transcends the motif itself. Apart of doing graphics Mogens also work with drawing, painting and sculpture.


Monika Miceviciute 

Monika Miceviciute uses the graphical technic of mezzotint to let human faces slip out of darkness and into the light. The faces are of people she knows herself, but the depiction of them seem both present and disquietingly absent. The use of exactly the mezzotint technic make her able to reflects upon the questions of identity.


Andréa Bryan

Andréa Bryan’s graphic works are made by the technic of wood cut. Blurred landscapes and pencil strokes create a mystical and quiet imaginary. Besides doing graphics, Andréa also makes drawings, paintings, installations, performances and so-called objects.


Anneli Hilli 

Layers on layers are delicately arranged. Anneli Hilli uses the graphic technic of monotype/etching to weave the gazing faces and patterns together. The final expression is fragile and poetic. Besides doing graphics, Anneli also make paintings.


Henna Tyrväinen 

Henna Tyrväinen’s works have a solid and conspicuous expression. By use of the graphic technics of etching, aquatint and gilding the depicted stag turns into a fabulous animal with four eyes. Henna’s art portfolio shows a great variety of animals depicted through different idioms.


Finn Richardt 

Finn Richardt uses the technic of aquatint and to create a mystic and mythological figurative language. With dynamic lines and expressive characters the works of Finn are dramatic and seem to swallow up the viewer. Finn Richardt usually paints lyrical pictures of quiet waters.


Ilkay Unay Gailhard 

Ilkay Unay Gailhard’s works are made by water based oil woodcut and have an intense, solid and dynamic expression. Depicting urban scenes and close-ups of cars Ilkay’s graphic pieces distinctly refer to the idiom of street art.


Carolina Vargas

Carolina Vargas’ works are made by photopolymer gravure and depict an Italian shore – deserted and lonely. The landscape is swaddled in a mystical green light and will no doubt fill you up with a sense of wanderlust.


Katja Hochstein 

Katja Hochstein’s exhibited works at Mini Prints are dynamic and vigorous. Using digital print the colors appear saturated and the lines clearly sketched. They almost seem like a strip cartoon.