2017 Fresh Legs exhibtion (EN)

INTERNATIONAL Fresh Legs Exhibition 2017



Albrecht Wild (DE), Amanda Karlsson (SE), Anja Seidel (DE), Anastasia Savinova (SE), Anna M. Kempe (DE), Chung (KR), Parul Modha (DK), Elham Rahmati (IR), Chloe Grove (GB), Paule Ducourtial (FR), Doménico CV Talarico (IT), Jean-Baptiste Monnin (FR), Mady Piesold (DE), Marco Mercati (IT), Sidney Mullis (USA), Raquel Algaba (ES), Katalin Kortmann (HU), Christina Tzani (GR), Lutz Hellmuth (DE), Andrea Riba (DE/CL)

Participating Artists at Fresh Legs 2017 are:

The Fresh Legs exhibition highlights a curated selection of these artists as yet undiscovered rough artistic diamonds – and we are excited to follow their journey and see how they will cut and form their artistic edges. Experience the sharp social criticism, perfectly captured contemporary life, the refined technical skills with strong influences from street art. These artworks bring our attention to the values of our current society by using a large dose of humour. In experimental use of materials and techniques – from drawings, colorful paintings and ceramic sculptures they amaze and draw us in to examine them closer. The works explore human relationships, loneliness and the fragility of the fleeting moment. Many take us on a journey to explore the environment and abandoned places of our time.

Key concepts include portraying aspects of humanity as well as concerns about the development of our current society as interpreted by the artist’s individual expressions. Fresh Legs brings bold street art influences mixed with crisp drawings, social criticism with a dash of humor and challenging installations, the result is a mesmerizing and exciting group show that radiates with color and movement.