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Client Testimonials 

Henrik Mansfeldt Witt, external lecturer of  “Data: Law & Ethics” at IT-Universitet, 2019

I have known Heike for more than ten years and I have the great pleasure of being in possession of several of her fantastic artworks. Since 2008 Heike has decorated our company’s office with great enthusiasm and professionalism. She has been doing this three times now and each time Heike has managed to bring forth a result that evokes excitement in our visitors. She fulfills her assignments always with grand honesty and straightforwardness. Heikes curating conveys new dimensions and invites to reflection, as well as evoking forth a silent smile and a distinct calmness. She implements professionally not only her own artworks, but also the works of other artists when she is curating. Heike is a pleasure to work with and she is completely in control of the processes, complies all agreed arrangements, and her conditions are very reasonable. Without hesitating I can recommend Heike, both as an artist, gallery owner, curator and project manager.


Hans Schambye, CEO at Galecto Biotech AB, 2012

Heike is a wonderful artist and creative mind, an entrepreneur filled with great ideas. She manages insurmountable tasks, runs galleries, inspires young artists and trains project managers. Heike is amazing! 

Kari Aasen, Owner, kari aasen ceramic art, 2012

Heike is a very dedicated and professional, art-oriented manager.

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Søren Lundsberg-Nielsen, Group General Counsel, G4S plc, 2012

Heike is an extremely talented artist, very good to work with, and always creating results beyond your imagination. She has also turned out to be a very good and long-lasting personal friend.

Jennifer Glennon, Vice President, Global R&D Finance at Ipsen, 2009

Heike’s art provided our offices with a feeling of light and happiness. Her colors and scenes are colorful and full of life. I recommend her services to anyone looking to bring their office together with a unique and personal touch.

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Jakob Bondo Schultz, HR Manager, 2009

Our Company has for years used Heikes art to decorate our offices – to the inspiration and outspoken satisfaction of our clients and all other people working with us and visiting us. Heike is an extraordinarily skilled and highly talented artist: she professionally masters painting, ceramics, sculptures and other artforms with a strong and intense expression. On top of this she is fun to be with, warm, bright – a wonderful person.