Fresh Legs Berlin 2018 (EN)

Fresh Legs Berlin 2018


Ivan Arkhipov (RU) / Karmen Kraft (ES) / Ornella Orlandini (IT) / Xecon Uddin (BD) / Jarosław Lisicki (PL) /Anne Louise Blicher (DK)  / Tuomas Korkalo (FI) / Katarzyna Kowalska (PL) / Georg Bothe (DE) / Lisa Rytterlund (SE) /Line Schjølberg (NO) / Simone Hooymans (NL) / Ian Liddle (UK)   / Johan Reisang (NO) / Katharina Schellenberger (DE) / Marcus Gestré (SE) / Konrad Peszko (PL) / Philipp Haucke (DE) / Attila Schwanz (IT) / Loïc Saulin (FR) / Oscar Rey (ES)


The 2018 edition of the annual Fresh Legs open call exhibition proudly presents 22 emerging international artists with their unique styles, techniques and materials. The end result is an exciting group show with figurative and abstract artworks and a large variety of techniques for the viewer to discover.

Experience the sharp social criticism, perfectly captured contemporary life and refined technical skills. Through the different use of materials and techniques – from drawings and colourful paintings to animated videos – they amaze and pull us in to examine them closer. The key concepts include portraying aspects of humanity as well as showing concern for the current development of our society, as interpreted by the artists’ individual expressions. Here human relationships, loneliness and the fragility of the fleeting moment are explored through the artworks. Many take us on a journey, delving into the environment and the difficulties of being an individual in today’s world