Current exhibition Berlin

International Exhibition “Miniprint 2018”

The exhibition will be open from November 7th 2018

Amin-Hassanzadeh (IR), Annu Gupta (IN), Barbosa Consuelo (CO), Blaze Cyan (UK), Brandon Williams (US), Brenton Good (US), Bruno Nadalin (US), Chang Ling-Hsiang (TW), Cleo Wilkinson (AU), Cynthia Back (US), David Avery (US), Durgadas Garai (IN), Ekaterina Vopiyashina (RU), Ellen Rouppe (NL), Eric Mummery (CA), Gervasio Robles (AR), Gladys Bregeon (FR), Hui Ann (CN), Hyun-Jin Kim (KR), Iris Trostel (DE), Jacob Muldowney (US), Michèle James (FR), Kim Mclauchlan (PE), Koosha Moossavi (IR), Lucas Naganuma (BR), Manizheh Nezhad (IR), Marcelle Hanselaar (NL),, Nazli (IR), Nicholas Wilson (US), Paula Gallardo Sánchez (ES), Robert Kelly (IE), Ruth Kalla Ungerer (US), Scott Fisk (US), Tallmadge Doyle (US), Thamrongsak Nimanussornkul (TH), Tongwei Zhang (US), Ute Braatz(AU), Valerie Syposz (CA), Wei Yuhang (CN), Wenjie Chen (CN), Xecon Uddin (FR)

The artists featuring in this exhibition present a broad range of different graphics techniques and styles, covering traditional techniques such as woodcut, etching, and mezzotint, as well as exploring modern methods enabled by the digital development. With global influences, the show guarantees an intriguing experience depicting stories on both an individual and a common level. The strength of this exhibition lies in its sensitive versatility, technical skills and storytelling. It is also the perfect opportunity to develop your network within graphic art connecting you to many other Nordic and German-based artists.

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Important Date: Exhibition Opens on November 7th 2018 7PM-10PM. Everyone is welcome to join.