Graphic salon Mini Maxi Print 2022/23

Graphic salon Mini Maxi 2022/2023

Galleri Heike Arndt DK is proud to present the annual Open Call MINI MAXI PRINT BERLIN, exhibiting a wide range of graphic techniques. Additionally, we have invited Henry Stöcker (DE) and Sabina Grzimek (DE), sculptors, as a guest artist. This exhibition accommodates an even wider range of artists to be showcased. Across the gallery, a total of 35 carefully selected graphic artists will be expressing their views on contemporary challenges facing society and raising questions about our humanity. All audiences can find something personally captivating within this range of artistic expression. Alongside creating space for reflection and inspiration, the works can also leave the viewer feeling both surprised and disturbed.

Mini-print section

Maxi-print section

Henry Stöcker (DE) and Sabina Grzimek (DE)

Henry Stöcker creates biomorphic sculptures with different
materials, inspired by the human figure, and explores volumes
and negative space. His sculptures explore fragility and balance,
and challenge gravity as thin-legged elements support voluminous
components. Through playful three-dimensional forms, he invites
the viewers to explore and interact with his artworks.

Sabina Grzimek works with different artistic mediums and the concepts figuratism and realism do not cover Grzimek’s artistic expression sufficiently, since she is more interested in portraying what is hidden and intangible. She finds inspiration in her surroundings and personal experiences and does not
care for illustrating the beauty of the appearance. This also explains why Grzimek’s artworks often appear unfinished.