Mini Maxi exhibition 2020/21

mini maxi print berlin 2020/2021

45 printmakers + 1 sculptor ➯ 24 countries

Philipp Haucke (DE), Leonardo Marenghi (IT), Marco Trentin (IT), Agnieszka Lech-Bińczycka (PL), Aliaksandr Kanavalau (PL), Paweł Bińczycki (PL), Anna Kodź (PL), Victoria Bilogan (AU), Cleo Wilkinson (AU), Dima Korma (IL), Malgorzata Oakes (US), Chang Hui Ju (TW), Ingrid Simons (NL), Yo Iseki (JP), Lenka Falušiová (CZ), Małgorzata Stanielewicz (PL), Xecon Uddin (BD), Alexandra Aquilina (MT), Albert Pema (FR), Pieter Lerooij (BE), Chloe Grove (UK), Koosha Moossavi (DE), Hyejeong Kwon (KR), Sophie Drouot (FR), Sin Mui Chong-Martin (UK), Keith D Buswell (US), Johannes Vandenhoeck (FR), Anna Trojanowska (PL), Tarun Sharma (IN), Sjoerd Tegelaers (NL), Marcela Miranda (IT), Elisa Pellizzari (IT), Eric Mummery (CA), Herman Noordermeer (NL), Darya Hancharova (BL), Martin Askholm (DK), Robert Kelly (IE), Anastasia Alekseevna Mikhaylova (DE), Kyle Chaput (US), Barbara Komaniecka (PL), Víctor Ríos (MX), Ernesto Alva (MX), Hendrik Faure (DE), Paola Lucrezi (IT), Piotr Czyż (PL)

Galleri Heike Arndt DK: 4.11.20 – 8.5.21

Galleri Heike Arndt DK is proud to present the annual Open Call MINI MAXI PRINT BERLIN, exhibiting a wide range of graphic techniques. Additionally, we have invited a sculptor as a guest artist. This exhibition accommodates an even wider range of artists to be showcased. Across the gallery, a total of 45 carefully selected artists will be expressing their views on contemporary challenges facing society and raising questions about our humanity. All audiences can find something personally captivating within this range of artistic expression. Alongside creating space for reflection and inspiration, the works can also leave the viewer feeling both surprised and disturbed.

Mini-print section



Maxi-print section



Invited sculptor: Iván Prieto (ES)

In Iván Prieto’s artwork there is a constant exploration of the relationship between his sculptures and the space that surrounds them, as well as a manifestation of the most basic human emotions. Prieto’s works exceed the limits of the body and bring out a hidden beauty. Deformed and fragile characters emerge within a symbolic scenario carefully created by the artist.

                       ICARUS II, 135 cm                                                               RABBIT, 60 cm, bronze