Mini Maxi Print 2020/21

mini maxi print berlin 2020/2021

45 printmakers + 1 sculptor ➯ 24 countries

Philipp Haucke (DE), Leonardo Marenghi (IT), Marco Trentin (IT), Agnieszka Lech-Bińczycka (PL), Aliaksandr Kanavalau (PL), Paweł Bińczycki (PL), Anna Kodź (PL), Victoria Bilogan (AU), Cleo Wilkinson (AU), Dima Korma (IL), Malgorzata Oakes (US), Chang Hui Ju (TW), Ingrid Simons (NL), Yo Iseki (JP), Lenka Falušiová (CZ), Małgorzata Stanielewicz (PL), Xecon Uddin (BD), Alexandra Aquilina (MT), Albert Pema (FR), Pieter Lerooij (BE), Chloe Grove (UK), Koosha Moossavi (DE), Hyejeong Kwon (KR), Sophie Drouot (FR), Sin Mui Chong-Martin (UK), Keith D Buswell (US), Johannes Vandenhoeck (FR), Anna Trojanowska (PL), Tarun Sharma (IN), Sjoerd Tegelaers (NL), Marcela Miranda (IT), Elisa Pellizzari (IT), Eric Mummery (CA), Herman Noordermeer (NL), Darya Hancharova (BL), Martin Askholm (DK), Robert Kelly (IE), Anastasia Alekseevna Mikhaylova (DE), Kyle Chaput (US), Barbara Komaniecka (PL), Víctor Ríos (MX), Ernesto Alva (MX), Hendrik Faure (DE), Paola Lucrezi (IT), Piotr Czyż (PL)

Galleri Heike Arndt DK: 4.11.20 – 3.4.21

Galleri Heike Arndt DK is proud to present the annual Open Call MINI MAXI PRINT BERLIN, exhibiting a wide range of graphic techniques. Additionally, we have invited a sculptor as a guest artist. This exhibition accommodates an even wider range of artists to be showcased. Across the gallery, a total of 45 carefully selected artists will be expressing their views on contemporary challenges facing society and raising questions about our humanity. All audiences can find something personally captivating within this range of artistic expression. Alongside creating space for reflection and inspiration, the works can also leave the viewer feeling both surprised and disturbed.

Mini-print section


     Małgorzata Stanielewicz (PL)          Cleo Wilkinson (AU)                   Dima Korma (IL)                    Chang Hui Ju (TW)

       Małgorzata Oakes (US)                      Yo Iseki (JP)                           Lenka Falušiová (CZ)                     Ingrid Simons (NL)

       Alexandra Aquilina (MT)              Albert Pema (FR/AL)                   Pieter Lerooij (BE)                      Xecon Uddin (BD)

            Chloe Grove (UK)                     Hyejeong Kwon (KR)                  Sophie Drouot (FR)                 Koosha Moossavi (DE)

         Miranda Marcela (IT)                Sjoerd Tegelaers (NL)                  Tarun Sharma (IN)                     Elisa Pellizzari (IT)

    Herman Noordermeer (NL)        Darya Hancharova (BY)              Martin Askholm (DK)                  Eric Mummery (CA)

           Kyle Chaput (US)                         Robert Kelly (IE)                  Barbara Komaniecka (PL)        Anastasia Mikhaylova (DE)

            Ernesto Alva (MX)                       Victor Ríos (MX)                         Hendrik Faure (DE)                     Paola Lucrezi (IT)

       Anna Trojanowska (PL)             Johannes Vanderhoeck (FR)        Keith D Buswell (US)           Sin Mui Chong-Martin (UK)

              Piotr Czyż (PL) 

Małgorzata Stanielewicz (PL)

The linocuts of Stanielewicz depict quiet landscapes viewed from above, allowing the viewer a different approach when man himself steps into nature.

Cleo Wilkinson (AU) 

In her mezzotints, Cleo Wilkinson accomplishes a beautiful array of dark and light tones. The everyday scenery in her graphics are given a larger meaning, when embedded in a mysterious fragility.

Dima Korma (IL)

Shapes, colors and lines are harmoniously combined in Korma’s abstract prints. Different layers overlap as a collage, creating elegant and bright compositions.

Chang Hui Ju (TW) 

Ju’s imagery is full of magical creatures. Geometric shapes of figures and landscape  create a sense of a dreamy and almost abstract world.

Małgorzata Oakes (US)

In her non-toxic electro-etchings Malgorzata Oakes addresses the topics of environmental awareness. The black, white and red lines used on her graphics form minimalistic landscapes.

Herman Noordermeer (NL)

Noordermeer’s lithos mirror his self-exploration, addressing an interaction between mortality and immortality.

Lenka Falušiová (CZ)

Falušiová’s etchings embrace the landscapes she has been surrounded by since she was a child. Endless rocks and wild forests full of symbolism lead us to a new dimension of nature.

Martin Askholm (DK)

Inspired by Disney sweetness, Askholm uses catchy colours to create elegant, minimalistic hard-edge pop graphics.

Alexandra Aquilina (MT)

Aquilina is inspired by pop culture, religious imagery and female icons. Fashion also plays an important role in her visual constructions.

Albert Pema (FR)

Pema Albert’s coloured etchings emphasise microscopic views. They present detailed, fractal like surfaces, often with circular or cellular patterns of varying sizes.

Pieter Lerooij (BE)

Lerooij’s satirical etchings confront reality by portraying repetitive figures of humanized animals that confuses the viewer.

Xecon Uddin (BD)

The series of Uddin’s intaglios project a nostalgic sensuality. Multiple layers provide the viewer with a symbiosis of metaphors aimed at the subject of nature and mankind.

Chloe Grove (UK)

Grove’s works concentrate around the exploration of optical effects. Playing with perspective, her prints captivate the viewer’s attention.

Hyejeong Kwon (KR) 

Kwon’s vibrant etchings embrace animals, humans and nature. Depicted in exotic and somewhat abstract settings, they mesmerize the viewer.

Sophie Drouot (FR)

Through her mezzotints Drouot illustrates the variations of life on earth, across contrast and highlights playing with the grades of black. 

Miranda Marcela (IT)

In her prints, Miranda’s fantastic world surpasses the apparent naivety and innocence of her imagery through sharp forms and strong expressions.

Keith D Buswell (US) 

In his delicate etchings Buswell confronts geometrical shapes interacting with fragile plants that seem to fight for survival.

Johannes Vanderhoeck (FR) 

In his dark pattern based mezzotints Vandenhoeck implements trees and pine cones that appear repetitively questioning our relation to nature.

Koosha Moossavi (DE) 

Using patterns in catastrophic images, Moossavi’s monochromatic aquatints address death and genocide.

Sjoerd Tegelaers (NL)

Hyper-realistic monochromatic mezzotints of Tegelaers represent every day sceneries, conveying a naive and joyful expression.

Kyle Chaput (US)

Chaput’s art confronts chaotic and conflicting aspects of life. Broken vessels appear in his compositions forcing us to continually question our sense of place and inner stability.

Tarun Sharma (IN)

Sharma’s art focuses on social and humanitarian issues. He documents situations of vulnerability to create social awareness.

Elisa Pellizzari (IT)

In her expressive etchings Pellizzari explores the dynamics of the gestures, when  digging into the essence of the reality around us.

Eric Mummery (CA)

Mummery’s wood engravings transfix the viewer with the use of dynamic lines. He portrays cosmic creatures, represented in surrealist and somehow cartoonish settings.

Darya Hancharova (BY)

Hancharova’s delicate etchings question the self and our identity. She depicts almost disappearing traces of the pure human figure.

Ingrid Simons (NL) 

In her shiny silkscreen prints Ingrid Simons transcends the felt energy of the land. She focuses here on reconstructing a new, physicalized reality through her art process.

Yo Iseki (JP)

Through repetitive patterns, Iseki creates abstract and colorful compositions that instantly catch the viewer’s attention.

Robert Kelly (IE)

Kelly’s carborundum prints transmit movement and richness of colour. Almost like in a joyful dance, structures and layers define his images.

Barbara Komaniecka (PL)

Komaniecka’s greyish figures embrace a nostalgic atmosphere embodying the fugacity of life and the beauty of innocence.

Ernesto Alva (MX) 

In his abstract and labyrinth-shaped works, Alva explores the formal qualities of surface such as texture and materiality.

Anastasiya Mikhailova (DE)

Mikhaylova’s etchings examine organic material such as snakes’ skin when exploring the formal and material structure of membranes.They are spared from decay and create a silent and frightening visual language.

Victor Ríos (MX)

The complex metaphoric etchings of Ríos merge to the topics of time, mystery and higher forces in overlapping animalistic motives and symbolic patterns.

Paola Lucrezi (IT)

Inspired by literature and poetry, in her etchings Lucrezi depicts dynamic sceneries in which the human elements combine with the raw expressive emotion.

Piotr Czyż (PL)

Playing with the perspective of human bodies, Piotr Czyż’s bright neon colored serigraphs seem to seduce the viewer.

Anna Trojanowska (PL)

Trojanowska’s lithographies on marble embrace monochromatic colours that complement each other when investigating the topic of reflection.

Sin Mui Chong-Martin (UK)

Through evocative scenes, Mui’s art aims to achieve harmony between culture and nature, representing the constant changes that rule our surroundings.

Hendrick Faure (DE) 

Faure’s prints show still lives in seemingly haunted spaces. Objects are depicted in a state of decay creating a silent and somehow frightening imagery.

Maxi-print section


             Marco Trentin (IT)                    Victoria Bilogan (AU)             Leonardo Marenghi (IT)           Aliaksandr Kanavalau (PL)

       Agnieszka Lech-Bińczycka (PL)        Anna Kodź (PL)                     Paweł Bińczycki (PL)                   Philipp Haucke (DE)


Marco Trentin (IT)

Marco Trentin creates woodcuts that tend to manifest the criticism of the existent, addressing the topics of humanity, military and religion.

Victoria Bilogan (AU)

Through a constant exploration of the human condition, Bilogan’s art seeks to provide the viewer with transformative experiences that can lead to request remarkable social changes.

Leonardo Marenghi (IT)

Marenghi’s large-format woodcuts transport the viewer to a fanciful black and white universe where all the elements of the composition converge through dramatic line movements.

Anna Kodź (PL)

In Kodź’s serigraphies, the extorted female bodies seem to be the most important thread linking to our emotions as in a performative act.

Philipp Haucke (DE) 

Haucke’s still-life’s hypnotise the viewer by its deep black and almost silent vibration. His delicate mezzotint prints transmit a feeling of volume and peace.

Paweł Bińczycki (PL) 

Inspired by japanese culture, Paweł Bińczycki plays in his linocut series with illusionary spaces. The metaphorical endless wave of animals creates for the viewer a sense of continuous movement.

Aliaksandr Kanavalau (PL)

A sense of naïve joy evolves from Aliaksandr Kanavalau’s art. The vivid colours and surreal characters of his works call up the inner child that we have. Despite the lightness of his work, a deeper layer of meaning can be found.

Agnieszka Lech-Bińczycka (PL)

The monochromatic bodies in Lech-Bińczycka’s graphics represent womanhood and defenselessness.

Invited sculptor: Iván Prieto (ES)

In Iván Prieto’s artwork there is a constant exploration of the relationship between his sculptures and the space that surrounds them, as well as a manifestation of the most basic human emotions. Prieto’s works exceed the limits of the body and bring out a hidden beauty. Deformed and fragile characters emerge within a symbolic scenario carefully created by the artist.

                                          ICARUS II, 135 cm                                                               RABBIT, 60 cm, bronze